Thursday, April 03, 2008

DNC accreditation applied for

Just submitted my application for a spot in the press gallery at the Democratic National Convention, and I'm very confident that I have no chance at all.

Strike one: The app asks for the blog's Technorati "authority," but until today I hadn't even "claimed" the thing at Technorati. Now I have (see sidebar), but because I'm a newcomer (though not only because I'm a newcomer) my ranking is something like #8,931,022. Not impressive.

Strike two: "Blog Mission Statement": Ummmmmm. "Death to the left!"? No, might give the game away. What I actually said was something like, "To cover everything, all the time." In "Additional Comments" I claimed to be "funny," so maybe that'll get by, but I'm sure they're looking for policy-wonk and touchy-feely stuff.

Strike three: "Please provide five examples of political posts." The only hope here is that they don't actually, you know, read any of the posts I submitted, though if they get no further than the title of the first one, "DNC, city to bring art to the masses during convention," I might sneak through. Anything more and it's goodbye, Nazi. Followup if I hear anything.

Update: Confidential to DNCC screening flunkies: DO NOT READ THIS POST.

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