Monday, April 14, 2008

DIA protects passenger morals

The Rocky, under the meaningless headline "Web surfers makin' waves," on Denver International Airport's policy of blocking certain internet content over its wi-fi network:

Travelers rejoiced late last year when Denver International Airport began providing free wireless Internet access, eliminating a fee for the luxury of surfing the Web while they waited for a flight.

But the switch came with a caveat.

DIA started blocking certain content that travelers might find offensive, a list that includes seven categories ranging from pornography to "provocative attire.". . .

DIA chose broad categories, meaning some relatively innocuous sites are blocked. Think Victoria's Secret, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and a handful of popular blogs.

Which pissed off an aging rock star:
The filter has irked some travelers. David Byrne of the rock band Talking Heads, for instance, wrote on his blog [my linkie] in February that he was blocked from getting onto, a site about science, technology, toys and art. The reason: It was listed under the "nudity category" because several of the thousands of postings - including one with photos from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal - contained a nude picture, Boing Boing wrote on its Web site.
Yes, David Byrne has a blog. (Note to self: Kill self.) Some supposedly hypothetical blockages:

  • You and your husband have been trying to conceive a child. It's been a few years; unfortunately, you've had no luck [great backstory]. While waiting for departure, you decide to explore fertility options [heh]. You visit BLOCKED

  • You need a new bra.

  • I do need a new bra.
    You want to check out Victoria Secret's selection online. BLOCKED . . . .
    That's just wrong. Read whole thing, which has many interesting facts and figures.

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