Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tasers and soundguns and small rubber bullets . . .

Recreat!e68 is all het up because the Denver Police Department is buying specialized equipment for the Democratic National Convention, but won't say exactly what:
Mark Cohen, a member of the organizing committee for the Recreate 68 Alliance, a coalition of groups that plan to demonstrate at the Democratic convention, released a statement saying that the group is very concerned about so-called "crowd control" and "less than lethal" weapons and equipment the police department may be purchasing in anticipation of protests, including Tasers and other sonic weapons that can be used to disperse crowds.
Hee. And as Slapstick Politics points out (via whom, by the way), it's R68!'s own stupid fault for continually implying, hinting and threatening violence. The Cohens should have muzzled Glenn Spagnuolo a long time ago. Now everybody, including the cops, knows what the group is up to (it ain't peace).

Update: Old-timers will note that the Colorado Confidential story was written by former Try-Works scumbaggette Erin Rosa.

Update II: Brand-new blog dncdisruption08 notes the upcoming R!68 planning meeting at the Tivoli April 13:
Parking is free on the campus on Sundays, or you can take light rail, This is a pot-luck, so please bring food to share, along with your ideas for organizing around the DNC. Updates on permits, medical and legal, national organizations that have signed on to R68, etc.
(Mentioned for infiltration purposes only.)

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