Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Denver sports questions

As everybody knows, the Drunkablog is a big-time sports fan. Really. Especially, of course, of baseball.

So naturally when an e-mailer told me about the local sports questions being asked by long-time radio guys Irv and Joe (combined age, 679) to be published in their The Great Book of Denver Sports Lists ("The Gone With the Wind of Denver sports list books"--the Drunkablog), I took a whack at them:

1. What was the most memorable officiating call in the history of Colorado sports?

I have no idea.

2. Who is the all-time best coach of a Colorado team?

Mike Shanahan. (Betsy Hoffman will vote for Gary Barnett.)

3. Who is the most underrated sports figure in Colorado?

I have no idea.

4. What's the best blog about a Colorado team?

Purple Row: A Colorado Rockies Blog (where, incidentally, Rox Girl weighs in on the crusading idiot trying to end "ladies' nights" at Rockies games: "A stand for Rockies Ladies Night is a stand for democracy." Indeed™.

5. What was the all-time most amazing or outrageous thing that happened on the field, court or ice in a game involving a Colorado team?

Several, all football games, all involving John Elway:

"The Drive." (Update: no, it's not really "The Drive," but I strongly urge you to watch the video. Here's the wiki for the real "The Drive".)

"The Fumble" (a commenter at Tim Blair's, a Browns fan at that Aussie site, once claimed that after that play he'd taken the little metal Earnest Byner statuette he'd collected, pried the football out of its little metal hands and glued it to one of its little metal feet.

"The helicopter." After that play, every football fan in Denver knew the Broncos were going to win. It was clear that Elway would finally, irrevocably, rather die than lose another Super Bowl. If it had taken ritual self-disembowelment on the 50-yard line, he'd have done it, and never stopped smiling his famous toothy grin.

Anyway, Irv and Joe are taking answers at until March 21. (Originally forgot to include the link, sorry).

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