Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Solid work"

Speaking of Glenn Spagnuolo's best bud Ward Churchill, he'll be at the 15th (and last) Indigenous Nations and Dakota Studies conference at Southwest Minnesota State University April 2-4 to speak, shockingly, on "genocide." Organized by veteran Chutch defender and ethnic studies prof Chris Mato Nunpa, this year's conference will be on "Dakota People, Minnesota History on the Sesquicentennial: 150 Years of Lies” (grammatical as usual). Good hunk:
Even though some have called Churchill a fraud, Mato Nunpa said he has used a lot of Churchill’s articles in his classes, adding that he’s checked the sources.

“They’re right on, they’re solid work,” Mato Nunpa said.
This from the guy who thinks Buchanan was the president just after Jefferson. The schedule of the conference has this for April 2: "7 p.m. — Dr. Ward Churchill, genocide scholar, 'Genocide and the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S.'”

Update: the Dakota Studies program at SMSU is apparently ending, too.

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