Friday, March 28, 2008

More GW crapola

The Post has an LA Times story on another doom-mongering report on global warming in the western U.S. We're all gonna die, of course, but what caught my eye was this flat statement from impressively named Times reporter Margot Roosevelt:

Carbon dioxide pollution from vehicles, power plants and other industrial emitters is a major contributor to global warming.
Well Margot, if you're sure . . .

Update: Notice also that Ms. Roosevelt didn't talk to a single skeptic.

Update II: How could I forget? The Aspen Institute had its conference on the enviroment this week. Newsbusters notes Good Morning America's fawning coverage. Read the partial transcript, especially the part about the polar bear in distress.

Update III (3/29): Another quote from global warming expert Margot Roosevelt:
The Colorado River basin, which stretches from Wyoming to Mexico, is in the throes of a record drought.
AP today:

Snowmelt will raise half-empty Lake Powell by 50 feet, opening a notable shortcut for boaters for the first time in five years, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said. . . .

"This winter has produced the best overall snowfall of the past eight years, with snow packs generally well above average as the spring runoff period begins," [a BLM spokesgink] said.

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