Tuesday, March 18, 2008

R!ecreate!68 founder responds to Drunkablog post on Sunday's peace protest

Glenn Spagnuolo takes valuable time from his plans to destroy the Democratic National Convention to comment on my claim of harassment by R68ers at the peace protest Sunday:
You are so pathetic. Trying to act like you were in some kind of real danger. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have and there would have been nothing you could have done about it, but it would be a complete waste of time. Never claimed to be a peacenik. Oh yea, thanks for the ten buck donation.
You're welcome. But Glenn, I never said YOU harassed or threatened me. You didn't. You just pointed me out so others could. In other words, you used the same cowardly tactics your good buddy Ward Churchill uses.
Nice not to mention that the scarf guy was playing with you, but I know, you need to create a story so go with it.
So that's why he made that hilarious attempt to disguise himself: he was playing.
We do not mind the attention,
but speaking for myself, I do mind your false bullshit. Keep it up though,

I shall!

when someone like you starts writing something positive about me is when I know I have gone wrong [update: then I guess you'll never go wrong, Glenn]. Hey Drunkawife, your husband was never in any real trouble, he likes to pretend so he could look all dangerous to turn you on when he gets home. I guess you would have to be a drunk wife to cuttle up to that poor excuse of a man.
Boy, he's right there. You should see her lunge for the bottle when I'm in the mood for love. Spagnoodles also explains that he had a public safety reason for pointing me out to his pals:
I pointed him out because people thought some one shit their pants because of the smell, I assumed it was John so I let them know. . . .
Oops, forgot the ol' Depends that morning. (Another reason the D-a-W hits the bottle.)

All very instructive, but don't forget, this guy leads the organization the city and DNC negotiated with in their planning for the Democratic National Convention. As a sage once said: Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket.

Update: Scales seem to be dropping from a few eyes:
The city of Denver scrambled Monday to fix a loophole that allowed duplicate applications to stage protests and other events during the Democratic National Convention in August.

On the eve of today's blind lottery to handle competing requests, the city contacted people and organizations with multiple applications for the same event at the same park on the same day and asked them to "voluntarily" withdraw duplicates.

The city's plea was falling on deaf ears.

"First of all, I can't tell people who are part of our organization who have submitted two applications not to apply," said Mark Cohen, an organizer for the protest group Recreate 68 Alliance.

"Even if I could, I would have no intention of doing so," he added.
(via El Presidente at Slapstick Politics, who has much more on the story)

Update II: By the way, I'm just kidding about the D-a-W drinking. She's been sober for getting on for six years now, and long ago evolved other methods for coping with my animal needs.

Update III: Speaking of hilariousness:
The lottery to win permits to demonstrate at the Democratic National Convention screeched to a halt this afternoon when an organization claimed it wasn't being given a fair shot at a five-day permit to rally in Denver's Civic Center.

The mayor's office stopped the lottery just 45 minutes after it had begun. It was scheduled to resume about 2:20 p.m.

The lottery, held on the second floor of the Wellington Webb Building in downtown Denver, featured dozens of business cards sitting on a table, waiting to be selected in a random process.

But Barbara Cohen, representing the Recreate '68 group, noticed that only one business card from her group was on the table. There should have been five, because the application was for a five-day permit, she said.

"Something got screwed up, and screwed up badly," Cohen said. "It's very distressing. This is supposed to be a city-run lottery."

Chantal Unfug, special assistant to Mayor Hickenlooper, said "Obviously, there was a clerical mistake in transferring the information from the application forms onto the business cards."
Savor the name: Chantal Unfug.
City officials are cross-referencing the application forms with the cards, and doing it in the open, in front of all interested parties, to help re-instill faith in the process, she said. They hope the lottery can be completed by the close of business today.
Yes, indeed.

Update IV: The Post:
The first park in the Denver lottery is for the City of Cuernavaca Park. Re-create 68's affiliates have locked up the park from Aug. 23, Saturday, through the 26th.

Stand for Peace got first dibs on the 23rd. Bring Them Home, which is part of Tent State University, took the 24th. People's assembly took the 25th; and Carnival for Participatory Democracy won the 26th.

"We're satisfied so far," said R-68's Glenn Spagnuolo, whose group has been seeking permits to protest in city parks and streets during the Democratic National Convention, Aug. 25-28.
Tent State University.

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