Sunday, March 16, 2008

Denver Peace Rally!

Couldn't stay for the speeches, dammit, but got pics:

As always, the rally was on the west steps of the Capitol.

Just jumping in:

Eurotrash-lookin' dude in kaffiya.

Eurotrash-lookin' dude in kaffiya and red star beret, with Palestinian flag.

The complete ensemble: Eurotrash-lookin' dude in kaffiya, red star beret, Palestinian flag, "Death to Empire" sign and cannon.

Local rabble rouser Larry Hales (r). [Update: I had identified the man on the left as Shareef Aleem, but !R68 head Glenn Spagnuolo says it's not, so I don't know who it is.]

The troofers showed up in good time. Troofers are always punctual.

In case you didn't know, anti-war protesters are so cool. Way cooler than you are.

You first.

How satisfied with yourself you must be.

Peace grannies or whatever. They sang anti-war songs. Horribly. (But you knew that.) [Update: They're the Raging Grannies, of course, not the "Peace Grannies."]

If I'd taken the time to read the whole sign, there is no doubt I'd have become a revolutionary on the spot. I could feel it.

Think that'll help when they turn on him?

GWB with an "Impeach" sign on his back.

GWB sez: Thumbs up to that!

Signs aren't cheap, either, I guess.


It started getting a little hairy for me around then. R68 head Glenn Spagnuolo knew who I was, and starting pointing me out loudly as "that Drunkablog asshole" who's always ragging on them. Naturally, some of his minions started following me around, taking my pic and getting in my face:

Don't know why they wanted my picture. I've got nothing to hide--except, well, that one thing. But this guy apparently did have something to hide (or, more likely, pretended to--posers, don't you know), because suddenly he threw his scarf around his face:

One more time: You should do this before somebody takes your picture, ya dimwits. BEFORE.

Shockingly, several people saluted me in this manner, a few adding, by way of explanation, "fuck you, Drunkablog!" So atypical for peaceniks. [Update: notice scarf dude unscarfed in the background. What a maroon.]

Oh yeah, another of them said, "We're watching you." Of course you are.

Think Denver and the Democratic National Committee will take this little R!68 flyer as the plain warning it is, that the group is planning on vandalism and violence?


Join "Revo the Rabbit" and R68 as we search downtown Denver for hidden cameras that have been installed by the city to keep an eye on activists! Come with a group or join up with one and see if you can win the Great Camera Hunt! To win your team needs to locate the most spy cameras in your designated area. Meet back with Recreate 68 at Civic Center Park for a potluck picnic. Celebrate the resurrection, the resurrection of a revolutionary spirit!

I don't.

Larry Hales came over and introduced himself. Our dialogue went something like this (I recorded it but haven't listened yet):

Hales: You're that Drunkablog guy, aren't you?

Me: That's me. And you are?

Hales: Larry Hales.

Me: Larry! How's it going?

Hales: I'm not going to shake your hand.

Me: I didn't offer, you'll notice.

Hales: You been writing all that shit about me. You don't even know me.

Me: Just what I read in the papers.

Hales: Well, if you take my picture again, I'm going to throw your camera out in the street.

Me: Naw, don't do that.

Hales: You take another picture I'll throw it out in the street. Put that on your blog . . .

Me: Oh, I will, Larry. Don't worry, I will. But I thought you were all (making double peace signs) "peace, man."

Hales: I never said I was a pacifist.

Larry Hales gestures to indicate the approximate trajectory my camera would take on its flight into the street.

Well, I know when I'm not wanted (when bullyboys start following me around and a revolutionary wants to do harm to my camera--duh), so I didn't stay for the speeches. Probably missed some great stuff.

Literature and collectibles:

RAIM was there, of course:


Update: El Presidente of Slapstick Politics was there as well, even staying for and videoing at least one speaker (who urges the crowd to burn down Lockheed-Martin). He's got lots of good pics, too.

Update II: Ringo's Pictures makes this post look quite sick, with tons of great photos of the protest in Los Angeles yesterday. Even in its anti-war protests, Denver's a cowtown.

Update III: Finally had a chance to watch the whole of El Presidente's video montage of the protest, and I have to say, the white-boy rapper is perhaps the single most embarrassing thing I've ever seen in my life.

Update IV, March 17: Neither paper mentions the protest; CBS4 has basically nothing, but at least posted some film; 9News apparently thought its resources better employed covering a human-interest story ("One-legged cheerleader stands tall"); and Channel 7 followed suit ("Woman says boyfriend tried to light her on fire").

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