Monday, March 17, 2008

Progress not made

Checked my blog ranking on the TTLB Ecosystem today and cried (a little) when I got looking around and noticed that many similarly ranked blogs are actually defunct:

The Atheist Resistance gave up the ghost months ago;

My Secret Place succeeded in keeping itself secret and hasn't been updated for three years;

Newfoundland and Labrador--October Reign: Provincial Elections 2007 has been deserted since October (checking notes here) 2007;

Mookie Riffic, notwithstanding Mookie's riffic-ness, hasn't been updated since 2005;

Stuff I Think You Should Know taught you everything he thought you should know several years ago;

America Is Doing Far Too Little To Protect Its Ports is just a great blog name;

No Sex & The City has had no update since January;

The Flying Bagpiper grounded himself last July; and

Ron Paul 2008 is actually current, but it's, you know, Ron Paul.

I'm so depressed.

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