Friday, March 28, 2008

Ward to get his Israel hate on

For the 60th anniversary of the "Nakba" (Happy Birthday, Nakkie!) Ward Churchill will be in Boston April 12 and/or 13 to speak at "Struggle for the Land: Zionism and the Repression of Anti-colonial Movements: An Education and Strategy Conference":
While this past January saw an escalation of the already brutal strangulation of Gaza, as well as continued colonization throughout historic Palestine, Palestinians have continued to resist in all of their historic land. In Gaza, under starvation conditions, Palestinians broke the siege by destroying the wall at Rafah crossing and continue to defend their land through armed resistance against settlers.

In spite of a wider public awareness of the brutal policies of colonial settlement in Palestine, the "United States" continues to provide the main economic, political and military aid to the Zionist settler colony. While every major presidential candidate pledges undying support for "Israel," there is a growing public discussion about the role of Zionism in the "US" political system, and especially of its relationship to the war in Iraq.
Etc. The conference is sponsored by the New England Committee to Defend Palestine, whose logo I've posted before:


The NECDP explains the need for the conference:

Confronting Zionism is crucial to any movement forward against militarism and internal oppression.

Bringing together representatives of several movements, our conference will focus on two themes: Zionist disruption of anti-colonial movements and land as the basis of struggle and solidarity.

Among the attendees: Amer Jubran, "Palestinian activist and former political detainee"; Jeffrey Blankfort, "anti-Zionist journalist and activist"; Nada Elia, "Palestinian activist and member of the INCITE! Women Against Violence National Collective"; and Jihad Abdul-Mumit, "former Black Liberation Army political prisoner."

In short, and as always, more scum.

(via Solomonia)

Update: No good place to put this, but Slapstick Politics notes the SDS joining in plans to shut down the Republican National Convention.

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