Thursday, March 27, 2008

Violence embraced

Poorly edited but interesting piece in Human Events on the "peace" movement's increasing reliance on violence:
Once content to thump drums and dig deep for chants that rhyme, the “peace” movement’s foothold on the public soapbox has slipped. The peaceniks -- ANSWER,, Code Pink and the rest -- are in the midst of very public identity crisis. They are facing, for the first time, visible and vocal opposition to both their words and their methods. And it has made them angry….very angry….angry enough to (pause for dramatic effect) use violence as an option!

As organizations have come together to face them in the streets (and have successfully released the left’s stranglehold on activism and the media) the lefties have revealed their inner violent streak to which they have always proclaimed an immunity. . . .
No mention of Recreate!68, probably because they'll be "trying their hardest" not to be violent during the Democratic National Convention.

(via LGF spinoff link)

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