Friday, March 28, 2008

Earth Hour upon us

Tim Blair's been covering Australia's upcoming observance of Earth Hour as only Tim Blair could (sorry, can), including running with a reader's idea for a countervailing "Hour of Power." Great stuff.

But I realized only the other day that EH had "gone global" this year, and that Denver was participating. You can see us in the sponsoring WWF's list of "other cities" (i.e., "cowtowns").

The Post and News, I'm happy to report, were just as clueless. The Post has run only two stories on Denver's Earth Hour--a squib yesterday noting the mayor's (we call him "Hick") three-week-old letter hyping the event, and an actual story today, "'Earth Hour' participation growing," which I'll quote from in a second.

The News hasn't said a word.*

Weirdly though, the lead item on the "breaking news" crawl at the top of this WWF page reads: "Denver Newspaper Agency to Support Earth Hour." The DNA, of course, is the company that runs both the RMN and the Post under their joint operating agreement.

Anyway, fun quote from the Post story today:
At the Northfield Stapleton shopping center in Denver, three restaurants will serve customers by candlelight during Earth Hour. The participating restaurants are La Sandia Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar, Ling & Louie's Asian Bar and Grill, and TGI Fridays.
Trendsetters all. One more:
Hard Rock Cafe Denver also is taking part, turning off some of its lighting, including the signature neon guitar sign outside the cafe on the 16th Street Mall.

"Not only will the time be romantic, but it also will save energy," said The InterPro Group, a marketing firm, in a statement about the event.
The Interpro Group. You can tell: Hard Rock Cafe really, really cares. About the Earth. About all of us.

Update: Be proud, Denverons: we made a list of "other cities" that includes Homer Glen, Illinois!

*Oops, the News did run three itty-bitty notes, one in "Extras" on the 26th, another in "Extras" yesterday, and one on the business page the same day.

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