Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bad idea: DNC, city announce film competition

Bad, bad idea. In portentously lighthearted style, the City of Denver and the Democratic National Convention Host Committee announce the Cinemocracy Short Film Competition:
During a year of monumental change, the Denver Film Society and Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, invite you to share your definition of democracy. By giving you an outlet for your voice, we hope to come closer to our own definition of democracy!
Well, I've watched several of the films, and friends: they are bad beyond your wildest dreams.

A rapper who calls the Founding Fathers "terrorists" and wonders how long the "empire" can last ("Checks and Balances"):

Ironic faux-regression, or maybe regressive faux-irony ("so were you"):

I chopped and I sang, all covered in blood.

And this, which those with tendencies toward "acting out" should not watch, from Colorado Youth at Risk:

The how-to-submit page explains:

Everyone can participate in the Cinemocracy Film Festival, either by . . . submitting a film that addresses the question, "What is Democracy?" or by simply sitting back and watching the films and "Tagging" (rating) them. . . .

The top 25 ranked films as voted on by the online public viewers will be screened at a public event during the 2008 Democratic National Convention taking place in Denver, CO (August 25-28).

The filmmakers of the top 10 ranked films will be provided with airfare and lodging to attend and introduce their films at the Cinemocracy Film Festival public screening in Denver.

Well wasn't that generous of us taxpayers.
Five of the top 25 ranked films determined by a panel of judges comprised of film industry professionals and politicians will be screened as part of the official 31st Starz Denver Film Festival (Nov. 13-23) and thus be eligible for the Starz People's Choice Award for Best Short which carries a $2,500 cash prize.

The top 25 ranked films will be streamed on through January 31, 2009.

The decision of the online public viewers is FINAL

(via the Rocky)

Update: Here's the city's press release.

Update II: Embed code for first video still messed up. Watch it over there.

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