Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dem National Committee "green" plan unveiled

And, hard to believe, it preaches to the global warming choir. There's a carbon calculator, of course, but also a (first-ever!) DNC carbon advisor (scroll to "Carbon" in first link). There's the "green screen" ("Episode 1: Recycling") and a "green team." Leader of the green team and the DNC's "Director of Sustainability and Greening," Anne Robinson, has an interesting resume:
Most recently, Robinson managed the greening of the New York, Shanghai and Johannesburg venues for Vice President Al Gore's Live Earth Concerts for the Climate Crisis, the largest musical event in world history [not just in history, mind you, but in world history]. At Live Earth, she also single-handedly [not just handedly, mind you, but single--forget it] built and managed relationships with over 650 international non-profit, intergovernmental and civil society organizations focused on solving the climate crisis. She has worked extensively with a variety of environmental non-profit organizations, including the Sierra Club and Environment Colorado. Ms. Robinson received her degree in Environmental Science from UC Santa Barbara with an honors thesis on Biodiversity and the United Nations Earth Summit.
Inevitably there's also a smarmy Green Tip of the Week:
Green Tip #1:

Did you know nearly 40 percent of our individual carbon emissions come from our buildings? What can you do?
I asked you first.

Step one: conserve, turn off, unplug, reduce.

Step two: sign up for renewable energy from your energy utility.

You can usually subscribe right on your bill or online. To find Green Power in your state, click here. The planet will thank you, and so will your lungs.

And only a small premium will be added to your utility bill!

So how much is this green push costing taxpayers? Strangely, the site doesn't say. (I'd particularly like to know how much Anne Robinson is getting.)

Update: The Rocky:
Also on Tuesday, the DNCC announced a reception today for local artists who are displaying their artwork at the convention headquarters. The artists include Andy Baird, Jean Brodie, Mark Brodie, Greg Evans, Stacy Lewis, Dave Ryan, Jared Steinberg and Amy Thornton.
I'll google a few of these ginks, see what turns up. Drunkablog guess: ugly art.

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