Monday, March 24, 2008

WSJ: Harvard needs Hankie

On the Wall Street Journal's Fox News show yesterday (I didn't even know they had one), deputy taste editor Naomi Schaefer Riley continued the Journal's strange and sudden push to have former CU prexy Hank Brown named president of Harvard:
[Editorial page editor Paul] Gigot: Winners and losers, picks and pans, "Hits and Misses," it's our way of calling attention to the best and the worst of the week.
Snappy patter for an editorial page editor.
OK, next, a hit to former University of Colorado president Hank Brown. Naomi?

Riley: Yes, earlier it this month [sic], University of Colorado president Hank Brown stepped down from his position. He's only been in it for about three years now, and in that time, the man has managed to do what basically no other college president has managed to do. He has--well, he's first fired Ward Churchill. A lot of people would have liked to do that. He has managed to--

Gigot: The professor who said anti-American things.
Gigot's understanding is both deep and wide.
Riley: Yes, after 9/11. He's managed to fight grade inflation. He's made the university more accountable to taxpayers. He has also managed to clean up the athletic department, which was involved in a sex scandal when he took over.

So I say, in this man's three years, he has done amazing things. And we should send him to Harvard next.

Gigot: All right. Thanks, Naomi

Update: What do you want to be when you grow up, little girl? I wanna be deputy taste editor of the Wall Street Journal!

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