Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oh yeah, the other CU scandal

The Silver & Gold Record:

A date has been set for hearing an appeal of the March 2005 dismissal of the Title IX lawsuit that sparked the UCB football controversy in 2004.

Media outlets also reported last week that an Aurora woman who claims she was sexually assaulted in June 2000 by a UCB football recruit -- prior to the alleged assaults at a December 2001 off-campus party that prompted the Title IX lawsuit -- is asking for a special prosecutor to revisit the decision to not pursue charges in her case.

According to reports by 9News and The Denver Post, that recruit, who went on to play for the Buffaloes, and a former assistant coach said former head coach Gary Barnett requested assistance in finding an attorney for the recruit in January 2001.

Vy ees dees zeegneefeegant?

Barnett said under oath that he "did not recall" hearing about any other cases of sexual misconduct involving UCB football players prior to December 2001, according to the reports. To win the lawsuit, the plaintiffs would need to demonstrate that CU officials had been notified prior to December 2001 of the risk that football players and recruits would sexually assault female CU students, and were "deliberately indifferent" to that risk.
Update: Ah, those carefree days when all we worried about was Betsy "Terms of Endearment" Hoffman.

Update II: Here's an old USA Today timeline of the football scandal with lots o' links. CU: the flagship university of the state of Colorado.

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