Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We don't need no . . .

Scurrilous soon-to-be-former University of Colorado ethnic studies instructor Ben Whitmer answers Vince Carroll's Rocky piece yesterday, in which Carroll says Whitmer has a "violent imagination" and a "weakness for fantasized violence," with a post titled:

"One Major Difference Being, I Suppose, That My 'Violent Imagination' Never Started No Wars."

Whitmer holds two degrees in English from CU.

Update: Yes, I know Whitmer's just trying to sound like a prole or a blues musician or whatever, but as a middle-class white boy who grew up in the "huge, soulless exurbs" (and was no doubt picked on a lot), he's really pretty bad at it.

Update II: Memphis Slim.

Update III: Of course I'm just assuming Whitmer's a middle-class kid who grew up in the huge soulless etc., but, c'mon.

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