Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More sports

Yes, more.

In announcing Britney Spears' well-deserved award as "Brazilian of the Year" for 2006, Caz over at Avatar Briefs went out of her way to refer slightingly to Britney's sad soon-to-be-former husband, Kevin Federline.

She called him "Fed-Ex."

Okay, funny's funny, but as the bastard son of a hundred twitching losers, the Drunkablog can't help but have a smidgen of sympathy for the half-witted little jerk. In fact, I think I speak for all half-witted little jerks when I say, "Enough's enough! Even K-Fred has a breaking point!"

So I was amazed and heartened to find that K-Fudd had indeed reached his breaking point, and there was video. Just last night, the HWLJ opened a Tupperware™ container of sudden severe violence (as we say colloquially in the States) on WWE Wrestling champ John Cena:

Ouch, Fey-Ked!

You have to watch this part to find out who won. Oh hell, it was Frayed-Keds.

Update: Caz, what the heck is a "Brazilian of the Year"? Is it some strange Oz thing you're not supposed to talk about, like kangaroos?

Update II: Aw, crap. Both vids have been removed for copyright.

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