Thursday, January 11, 2007

One Big Union, and make it decaf

Rightie radio gink Michael Medved interviewed a barista at a New York Starbucks yesterday who's helping the International Workers of the World--yes, the One Big Union, the Wobblies--organize among his brother (and sister, who are known as beristes) baristas.

I didn't hear much of the interview, but this particular barista, a Cornell grad in his early 20s, said he made just over $10 an hour including tips and worked less than full time. Zippo bennies, or damn near. Revolution, gang!

Of course, the incongruity of the (historically) he-man, ultra-prole IWW organizing among kids whose parents can afford the small-country GDP it takes to send them to places like Cornell wasn't lost on Medfred either. Actually it more reminded me (warning: Simpsons reference) of Homer's union, the Amalgamated Pastry Chefs, Ballet Dancers and Nuclear Plant Workers. (Their logo was very cute, but I can't seem to find it on the internets.)

Starbucks barista (1906).

Update: The IWW has a pretty fancy-pants website. I am so at the Cream City Collective's "Wobblies Movie and Potluck" in Milwaukee this weekend.

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