Friday, January 12, 2007

Churchill dismissal inches ahead

The Silver and Gold Record notes shyly that Ward Churchill's hearing before the CU Privilege & Tenure Committee began Monday, and may have wrapped up today. That would be something like the penultimate-but-two step in the Churchill fire-tration process™. We're getting close, maybe, only two years after the phrase "little Eichmanns" ("Wanna come up and see my little Eichmann?") burst into the national consciousness. The remaining steps, according to the S & G R:
After the hearing process, the P & T dismissal-for-cause panel will have 30 days to send its recommendations to President Hank Brown, who then has the option of asking the panel to reconsider its recommendations ["please, let him stay!"] before he decides whether to submit the dismissal to the Board of Regents for its approval.
Good times. But I don't think anybody besides the S & G R--not the News, not the Post, not even the Boulder Daily Gamera, er, Camera, has noticed that the Churchill termination process has resumed its frantic course.

And not a peep from Churchill lawyer David Lane for, like, ever. He can't possibly still be representing Ward, can he? Ward doesn't seem to be talking about suing CU much anymore, either. I was sure he would, but now, who knows?

(credit: the "little Eichmann" line isn't mine, but I don't remember where I saw it.)

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