Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hamperin' Hank resigns

University of Colorado President Hank Brown has resigned after only 18 months on the job, and already muckety-mucks are jumping off buildings screaming how wonderful Brown was and how terrible it will be to lose him.

But what, exactly, did he accomplish? One state lawmaker said "transparency," but I can't see it. In fact, perhaps coincidentally, the Independence Institute has just issued a report calling for an outside audit of CU's crazed and unaccountable spending on the school's diversity programs.

The Rocky, after noting that "Brown was recruited to lead the University of Colorado in 2005 at a time when CU was reeling from the football recruiting scandal and controversy over Ethnic Studies professor Ward Churchill," adds that "Brown has been widely credited with helping to rebuild public support for CU during the past two years."

But again, what exactly did Brown do about those two problems? Nothing I know of. The football scandal wasn't exactly brought to a satisfactory conclusion, and of course Churchill's still around, though the process of getting rid of him may be gimping toward a conclusion. But then there's Ben Whitmer, and Emma Perez, and
Arturo Aldama . . .

Update: Simpery from various sources on Brown's resignation.

Update II: The "hamperin'" in the title doesn't actually refer to anything, it was just too bad a pun to pass up.

Update III: The Post takes a stab at enumberating Brown's accomplishments:

He immediately slashed $1 million from the system-wide operations by eliminating 11 administrative positions. In response to accusations in the recruiting scandal, he prohibited the purchase of alcohol with state funds. He also streamlined the school's accounting procedures after recommendations from internal audits had been ignored for more than five years.

The D-blog is not known for his accomplishments, but even he would be embarrassed by this pathetic recitation.

Update IV: Brown's resignation doesn't take effect for a year, but since he's completed all the tasks he set for himself, I guess he'll just sit on the porch of the president's residence (tiny, ain't it?) and read the paper.

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