Saturday, January 13, 2007

MIMitation of life

Actual quotes from our friends at the Maoist Internationalist Movement.

  • MIM Thought is symmetric, coherent and scientifically taut in a way that nothing among politically activist groups is.

  • MIM has no famous members. MIM members do not run for president or Congress. There is no reason you would have heard of their leaders before.

  • With regard to grammar, some critics have run tests on our writing and shown others that it's not as bad as they think.

  • Probably there are not many self-labeled Marxists that would be caught dead supporting a t-shirt for wimmin that says "if you don't have a car forget it."

  • We oppose drinking and drugs it is true, but for instance we had no trouble with Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn.

  • Two queries from the MIM FAQ:

    Q: Who are those MIM guys?

    Q: Why haven't I met any of your supporters who aren't lumpen?

  • Thanks to capitalist rationing and maldistribution of education, many people writing for MIM do not know what a sentence is. A sentence has a noun and a verb or maybe a subject, predicate and complement.

  • First World wimmin are part of the gender aristocracy and are gendered male whereas they are biological wimmin. Third World men are part of oppressed nations and are sometimes gendered female whereas they are biological men.

  • In a week, the poorest imperialist country white makes more money than a billion exploited people make in a year. If the white petty-bourgeoisie had the gumption in the imperialist countries, they could use their credit card to hire 50 workers at a time in exploited countries. That's what Marx meant by "access to the means of production."
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