Monday, January 22, 2007

Latest poll!

Actually it's probably a week old, and I'm citing only one hunk of it, but who cares? The Rocky:

[Nativist idiot-magnet] Rep. Tom Tancredo pulls just 2 percent in the latest Iowa presidential poll, but his sixth-place showing in a crowded field means he has the potential to influence the debate, pollster John Zogby said this week.

If that's all it takes to influence the debate, my hat's in the ring. How many ginks we got running already, anyway? Fourteen? Sixteen? Have Pat Paulsen and Harold Stassen declared yet? Uninteresting tidbit: Michael Medfred says it's the first presidential race since 1952 in which there's no incumbent president OR vice-president running. Medfred may be wrong, but I'm not going to check. The Crotchy continues:
"An interesting development can also be found in the 2 percent support for conservative Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado," Zogby said. "It means that, if nothing else, he and Newt are going to influence the internal debate in the Republican Party."
In Tancredo's case anyway, not very damn much.

Tancredo made his latest scouting trip to Iowa last weekend and on Tuesday morning announced that he is forming an exploratory committee so he can begin fundraising and decide, probably by the summer, whether he will go forward with
a longshot run for president.

Or just settle for influencing the debate.

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