Sunday, December 31, 2006

Comment noted*

(*With apologies to the D-a-W's magnificent maybe-budgerigar Izzy, I'm keeping this post from Wednesday on top for a bit. The comment thread is just too too and very very.)

Just posted this comment over at Colorado Confidential, where former "John Moredock" associate Erin Rosa now posts:

Before she came to [Colorado Confidential], Erin Rosa was a frequent contributor to the slanderous and monotonously obscene Try-Works blog, where her lord and master "John Moredock" specialized in anonymously libeling critics of Ward Churchill.

Now it has been revealed that "John Moredock" is actually CU adjunct professor of ethnic studies Benjamin Whitmer.

Yep, Erin, Whitmer fucked up and left his real name out there. He's in a heap of trouble now.

Maybe you, too. Coward that he is, Whitmer took Try-Works down immediately, of course, but it's all cached on Google.

Now that you're a "serious journalist" instead of a revolutionary, Erin, let's see you stand by your writing at Try-Works, and by Whitmer.

Happy New Year!

(Also sent to Colorado Confidential managing editor Wendy Norris so she can put it in the "hot tips" section of the blog. Yeah sure, that'll happen.)

Update (11:37 a.m.): Something wrong! My comment at Colorado Confidential has disappeared! Some terrible computeresque mistake must have occurred! I shall repost at once!

Update II: Reposted!

Update III: Gosh darn it, gone again! You can't trust computers.

Update IV: Slightly o/t, but Red Alerts has a hilarious post pointing out how Try-Works' Whitmer, much in the manner of his former boss in the CU ethnic studies department, employed his sock puppet Moredock to praise his own writing.

Update V: Hey Whitmer, when exactly were you planning on seizing that "hell of a platform to expound on all those dirty tricks played in the Churchill coverage - from William Bradford, to NAIM and Anna Mae, to Jim Paine as the Rocky's genealogist, to your [Grant Crowell's] paying for interviews," anyway? Dirty tricks? J'accuse, big buddy! Anna Mae? Love the part where she rides around in Marlon Brando's RV!

And feel free to use any name you like, Ben. We'll know it's you. Em, you feel free to chime in any old time, too. And where's that scamp Charley Arthur? Chaaarrrleeeeeeyyyyyyy!

Update VI: Professor Tom Russell at CU law school points out that, according to the CU regents' rules, Whitmer may be a lecturer or an instructor, but not an "adjunct professor." Too lazy to figure out where I got that title, but if it's wrong, sorry 'bout that, and if Whitmer lied, well, duh.

Update VII (12/31/06): the always knowledgeable Noj also comments at PB; I'll take the liberty of quoting the whole thing (hope he doesn't sue!):

Adjuncts [note title] are hired on a semester to semester basis. They don't even have to fire Whitmer, since their business relationship with him ends every semester. All they need to do is never call him again.

However, remember that we are talking about the CU Ethnic Studies Department here. If Churchill's potty mouth didn't faze them, why would Whitmer's? I think Ethnic Studies will continue to call on Whitmer.

Folks higher up in CU admin are not about to pressure Ethnic Studies to not rehire Whitmer. At this point in time they need to keep up the appearance of strict support for free speech, in the face of Churchill's charges to the contrary.

I would not hold my breath expecting CU to sever ties with Whitmer. The CU Ethnic Studies dept were nearly all hired by Churchill, and they all drank the Koolaid. They agree with Whitmer, so why would they can him for saying out loud what they already believe themselves?
Heck, we've known that practically forever.

Update VIII: Every time Moredock or one of his goons actually engaged in argument (rarely), I would remember what Will Graham (played by William Petersen while still a foetus) said to Hannibal Lecter when Lecter asked whether, since Graham had caught him, he considered himself smarter than Lecter (who was, of course, the epitome of the evil genius):

Graham: No, I know I'm not smarter than you.

Lecter: Then how did you catch me?

Graham: You had disadvantages.

Lecter: What disadvantages?

Graham: You're insane.

Update IX: Salon thought Manhunter was the best of the Thomas Harris adaptations, and I'd have to agree. It has a style and wit missing from Silence of the Lambies.

Update X: At PB commenter "CU Ph.D. Anthro" notes that Whitmer is scheduled to teach an American Indian Studies course at CU this Spring.

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