Thursday, December 07, 2006

MIMimum wage

In hys most recent communiqué, Security Minister of the Maoist Internationalist Movement discusses once again the "provocations and rumors started by federal agents" against MIM, and the targeting in this "psy-war" of Ward Churchill:

Sickening, terrifying and more explicit rumors then surfaced in connection to Ward Churchill. These rumors involved the cruelest use of psy-war to date against MIM.

Security Minister is such a drama queen.
Regarding Ward Churchill and struggles that broke out in 2005:

1) He has been required reading in party study groups since the 1980s.
That'll make your Party hearty!
2) MIM has purchased wholesale and redistributed South End Press books since the early 1980s. We distribute Ward Churchill books into prisons.
MIM's well-known love for prisoners in action. Goooood works.
3) MIM still expects to win the struggle in connection to him and return academia to the status quo.

So Security Minister finally confesses (say in bogus Russian accent)! Ward Churchill is the "status quo" in academia. We knew it all along. Back to you, SM:

Lately MIM has been accused of having weapons of mass destruction, being pedophiles, being schizophrenic and being other things we won't mention. Those with lesser degrees of knowledge about MIM found the rumors spread by Internet even more disturbing than MIM did, because some knowledge of MIM turned out to be the worst situation to be in when reading various hallucinations.

Uh-huh. Read the rest on your own. Oh, let me quote one more paragraph, this month's Involuntary-72-Hour-Hold award winner:
Every single important underlying factual presumption of our critics is wrong. MIM comes off as omniscient to some of our enemies sometimes and we deserve that reputation in professional matters. However, we do not spend great amounts of time being omniscient [I can relate--ed.] about people with no desire or drive to be with us or against us. Those who think that MIM has threatened specific people physically should reflect internally why they find MIM so threatening.
(h/t Snaps, who had to tell me twice.)

Update: There is (or apparently in the band's case, was) both a book and, yes, a band called "72 Hour Hold."

Update II: More MIM "fun" all over this pathetic excuse for a bog.

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