Sunday, December 31, 2006

Galloway: Saddam's hanging will "live in infamy"

Gorgeous George weighs in on the execution of the ex-dictator:
“It was a squalid little lynching in the end,” Galloway, a member of parliament who formed his own Respect Party after being expelled from the governing Labour Party, told the radio station Talksport.

“The Americans had entirely illegally under the rules of war handed over their prisoner of war to the puppet regime in Baghdad. This was immediately denied by the puppets in Baghdad,” Galloway said. . . .

Galloway added that the filming of the execution “must rank as the biggest political blunder” since Latin American revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara was executed in Bolivia with US help in 1967.

Pictures of Guevara’s corpse, Galloway said, helped turn “a man who was in global terms a thorn in side of the United States into a sword” that grew in force over the decades since his death.

“I promise you this,” Galloway warned the call-in chat show [Talksport]. ”The film of the execution of Saddam Hussein this morning will live in infamy and will haunt those who directed it for the remainder of their lives.” . . .

He said Saddam has achieved what eluded him in life — “the status of martyr and Arab hero.”

Oh, brother.

(via a commenter at B-BBC, but damn if I can remember who.)

Update: Things do appear to have gotten out of hand. It happens with tyrants occasionally.

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