Sunday, December 24, 2006

NFL™ talk!

Almost time to quit this blogging crapola and watch the Broncos try to keep their playoff hopes alive against the equally desperate Cincinnati Bengals.

But first I wanted to point out that the only difference between the vile, slanderous, hate-spewing neo-nazi David Irving and the vile, slanderous, hate-spewing neo-Maoist Ward Churchill--and his vile (etc.) homonculus "John Moredock" (aka CU adjunct professor of ethnic studies Benjamin Whitmer)--is, um, well, hang on a sec. I'll think of something.

Twelve minutes left in the first half, Broncos up 14-7. It's snowing again. Merry Christmas!

Update: Wise man Phil Simms: "When a 300-pound man wants to pick on you, it's kind of tough to overcome."

Update II: Yes, I originally thought it was Boomer Esiason who said it. No, it was Phil Simms.

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