Sunday, December 24, 2006

Master baiter

Holocaust denier David Irving, released from an Austrian prison last week after serving just over one year of a three-year sentence for you-know-what, gave a press conference on his return to England Friday and just couldn't resist letting his inner child out for a tapdance. ThisisLondon (great name) reports:

Controversial historian [sic] David Irving has come under attack for comments he made after being released from prison in Austria, including a reference to a "n***** brown"
Rolls-Royce . . . .

Having strayed from his usual scholarly concentration on the Jewish Question, Irving quickly reverted to form when queried on the theories of fellow academic Dr. Melvin Gibson:

The writer endorsed drunken comments by Hollywood actor Mel Gibson to the effect that Jews had been behind all modern
wars . . . .

Asked if he was agreeing with the actor's drunken comments, he said Gibson had "touched a raw nerve" and characterised them as "in vino veritas".

Nobody'd know that better than Ol' Grog Blossom.
Eric Moonman, President of the Zionist Federation and a former Labour MP, said: "He served only 13 months of his three-year sentence. But if he had served 10 years I don't think that would have altered his thinking."

Moonman's grasp of the obvious is profound but oddly phrased:

"[Irving's] latest comments suggest that he is a racist, and I think that we are going to hear more from David Irving about his beliefs in relation to Jews and coloured people. As a prominent Jewish person, I am troubled by this."

As an unprominent non-Jewish person, I too am troubled by this, but much more troubled by this:

Labour peer Lord Foulkes, a member of the Policy Council of Labour Friends of Israel, said the police should keep a close watch on Mr Irving's comments to see whether they breached anti-racism laws.

He said: "Mr Irving should be aware that since he was last in the United Kingdom, the laws have been strengthened to deal with people who hold racist views and who stir up antagonism on the basis of either race or religion."

Why can't these Euro-trons figure out that the sanctions they use to threaten and imprison Irving only assure him the attention he craves, as well as an audience eager to think he's a martyr? It's nuts.

Irving's comment about the Rolls with the hard-to-match color is explained a few paragraphs down:

He said the sales of his book on Rommel enabled him to walk into a car showroom with a brown paper bag stuffed with cash to buy a "nigger brown" Rolls-Royce.

Enchanting. But notice how ThisisLondon uses "n*****" in the lead but the full word further down? Protecting our delicate sensibilities while providing a platform for demented racists. It's so MSM.

Anyway, the demented racist had other interesting things to say, including the somewhat-contradicted-by-where-it-was-made comment:

"There has been a worldwide attempt to silence me," Mr Irving said.

And this ominous bit of prognostication:

"My books will be the ones that survive into the next century."

Maybe. But one can only hope, not for the reasons Irving thinks.

(via prolific commenter "pounce" at B-BBC, who also points out that the BBC itself somehow failed to note this portion of Irving's news conference. Pounce, we salute your indefatigability!)

Update: Next time some gink asks me for ID I'm gonna say, "Fool! Do you not recognize Moonman of the Zionist Federation?!" and run away.

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