Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here it comes . . .

Piling up in the streets . . .
Gets the angriest looks from
Everyone's wet feet . . .


Hey hey it's a snowstorm!
People say they're losing their minds!
We just got over two feet,
We're probably gettin' more this time . . .

Hey hey it's a snowstorm!
This town'll never be heard from again!
Please send me some gummi bears,
so I can die with multi-colored drool on my chin . . .


You gotta cram a few syllables together here and there, but if Dylan can do it, so can I.

Anyway, it's snowing like hell and "they" are calling for another two feet to add to the last two. Look, the snow was fine for a while, but I've done the Billy Bobbing and the skiing and the shoveling and the sliding and the craaaassssshing glavin!

And now I'm sick of it.

At least people are better prepared for this one, maybe. The giant King Soopers at 14th and Speer was actually out of hamburger yesterday. Usually they have at least eight or nine cows-worth on hand, so people were obviously stocking up. That's good. Cuts down on the cannibalism.

Update: Above should be sung, of course, to the tune of the pop hit, Hey Hey, We're The Minkies! (1947) by The Minkies.

Update II: I blame Gorebal warbeling. For the weather, not The Minkies. Okay, for The Minkies too. And Neil Diamond.

Update III: Of course, I'm a Believer is actually a great pop song, and Eddie Murphy's version is wonderful. Here's a sample of Smashmouth's cover. It's about what you'd expect. (Watch out, music starts blaring as soon as you hit the link. Turnen downen zee shpeakers!)

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