Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cowtown v. Gotham

If you believe, clap your hands. The Rocky: "Down to wire on Dem convention":
Denver boosters are buzzing with anticipation as a decision on whether the city will win the 2008 Democratic National Convention is expected this week.
Now I know I won't sleep tonight.

The bids have been filed and the two finalists, Denver and New York City, are fine-tuning their master contracts, which must be approved before the Democrats' presidential nomination bash is awarded . . . .

Ultimately, DNC Chairman Howard Dean will choose between Denver and New York after reviewing reports by the party's convention assessment panel.

"The chairman, who is very detail-oriented, has stayed abreast of information as it's developed," said Denver 2008 Host Committee Executive Director Debbie Willhite . . . .

Sorry, that was extremely immature, but "detail-oriented"? I don't even have that on my resume (too lazy for accents) anymore.
"This has been very intense. There has been a lot of preparation," said Willhite, perched at her desk in front of a "Whiners" sign with a red slash through it.
Great eye for the telling detail, reporter-critter!
While New York has been less public in lobbying the DNC than Denver, Willhite said, "I'm sure both senators (Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chuck Schumer) and the governor-elect (Eliot Spitzer) are all weighing in." . . .

But given the recent wave of Democratic election victories in Colorado and the West, Willhite said, a Denver convention would send a powerful "message of where the party's growing and going" in the battle to reclaim the American heartland.
Where the party's growing and going? I'll listen to that message! Here's a pic from the last Democratic convention in Denver to give you an idea what to expect if (please God) this crusty ol' scabtown gets it in 2008:

Smokin': the Rocky has a nice piece on the 1908 confab.

(convention pic from Hello Metro!)

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