Friday, December 29, 2006


Absolutely had to make it to the bank today or the house and all its contents (including tenants) would have been on the block tomorrow.

The roads weren't bad, but there was hardly any traffic.

Speer Bridge over the Platte.

Parking was (probably) free.

The library was closed:


So Billy Bob and I walked over to Civic Center Park:

Behind the neo-classical stuff, the older part of the Denver Art Museum.

The "Broncho rider" statue was wearing the cunningest little bonnet.

While the statue (or "symbolic rendering" or whatever) of Christopher Colum--er, Colon--eschewed frippery. Russell Means still stops by once a week or so to pour blood on the guy (small pdf)--as a rust retardant, I think.

Obligatory picture of dog catching frisbee in Civic Center. Probably the only chance he'll ever have to play there.

Update: Bet you didn't know Columbus absolutely ruled in the Atlasphere competition on American Gladiators.

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