Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fake historian David Irving released

Holocaust denier David Irving was released yesterday from an Austrian jail where he'd served one year of a three-year term for (natch) Holocaust denial. The BBC (which still calls Irving a "historian") has a more detailed story, including reaction from various Jewish organizations.

Update: Think Irving's pissed he was released too late to attend the Tehran denier-fest last week?

Update II: The Jerusalem Post notes that the judge who released Irving has ties to the Austrian Right.

Update III: The neo-nazis at Stormfront are happy (no link):
“Mr. Irving’s release is the result of more than a year of protests, letters to Austrian authorities, letters to the editor and protests organized by Lady Michele Renouf in London and CAFÉ in Ottawa,” said Paul Fromm [my link], Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. “It’s a tribute to hundreds of free speech supporters in Canada, America, Europe and Australia who wrote those letters of protest to Austrian authorities and kept up the pressure. Equally important, I believe, the recent conference in Tehran skewered Western hypocrisy about free speech. Ironically one of the few places on earth where scholars could meet to question the so-called holocaust account of World War II was Tehran. Despite the West’s breast beating about its commitment to human rights, the outspoken Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad pointed out that writers and scholars were in Western prisons for merely questioning aspects of the new state religion of Holocaust.”
A commenter at Stormfront expresses the general feeling:
Looks like I won't be needing any other Christmas presents this year as this is what I was asking for.

Merry Christmas David Irving!
Yeah, merry Christmas.

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