Thursday, December 07, 2006

One MIM, two MIM

Constant commenter Snaps has a good eye for spotting Maoist Internationalist Movement material. She just e-mailed to point out, for example, a MIM-made piece of video agitprop against the Ward Churchill "witch hunt."

Synopsis: To a Sex Pistols tune, words appear on the screen--"Whites murdered the First Nations Natives"; Whites enslaved blacks"; "Amerika is murdering the earth."

Then a cut to Ward, speechifying. After pointing out that people who voted for Bush or thought "John Kerry was an alternative" are, like 9/11 victims, "little and big Eichmanns" (the audience claps and cheers), Ward turns awkwardly to the erstwhile Iraq sanctions, which constituted (of course) "genocide," and denied the future to half a million Iraqi children
in the interests of American domination of the rest of the planet in order to support a material way of life and mentality which is absolutely on its face indefensible to anyone with a scintilla of moral integrity [audience, no doubt college kids, claps and cheers again].
More music, more words on-screen. Then Ward again, deploying his legendarily circumspect and precise language to decry the "U.S. taxpayer-subisidized holocaust that is going on in Palestine."

Music. Then, on-screen: "Organize Resistance! Join MIM!"

Ma, I'm signing up tomorrow.

But wait, there's more!

A couple of other video pieces, including an excerpt from a film I'd never heard of called The Canary Effect, which was shown free on the internet on Columbus Day last October. From the clip and the trailer it appears to be a standard-issue white guilt-fest in which Ward and others speak truth or whatever to power. It's been shown at film festivals and even won the 2006 "Stanley Kubrick Award for Bold and Innovative Filmmaking" at Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival. (And you know that means "Quality!")

There's also a speech Ward gave at the Monterey Bay campus of California State University last year called Perpetual War: U.S. State-sponsored Terrorism and the Limites [sic] of Academic Dissent. I'll listen to it to so you don't have to, but I ain't gonna watch it, and I ain't gonna like it.

Update: Snaps! Snaps! Snaps!

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