Monday, December 18, 2006

Immiseration feared

Pirate Ballerina links to another hunk of audio recorded by Joseph Sullivan during Ward Churchill's speech at the New School the other day. In this one Chutch refines (once again) his definition of "little Eichmanns":
If your business is to maximize profit by forcing brown-skinned children into sweatshop labor and immiseration for life somewhere out in the third world, to starve them to death, to get across a point that they had to stay in line and hear and obey U.S. commands . . . so there can be a greater payment of dividends to stockholders, so that the commissions paid to the brokers, who are basically the technicians who are handling these transactions--and they can have the newest designer sofa or the latest fashion and the best cappucino that it is possible to manufacture and on Manhattan Island and with the occasional ski trip to Aspen Colorado where they buy all new gear while they come back to their loft apartment and getting ready for their transatlantic vacation--at 25 years of age--oh they're going to Paris by the way--if that's your notion of what value or priority is then you are the perpetrator.
The retarded college kids clap and cheer, apparently at Ward's ability to spew THAT MUCH bullshit without taking a breath. Then Ward offers advice to perpetrators everywhere:
If you don't like living with those terms, then change how you're living. If you don't want to be called a perpetrator of genocide . . . change what you're doing. But don't expect me to . . . pretend you're something you're not. Namely, innocent.
Zen-like. Listen to the rest if you don't think it'll immiserate you.

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