Friday, December 15, 2006

Churchill A/V extravaganza!

Or something. Joseph Sullivan, who asked a rude question of Ward at his appearance at the New School Monday and for his temerity was told to "get his ass back in his Klan robes," sends along a couple more soundbites from the same occasion. In the first, Ward seems unfamiliar with the term "Beslan," as in the "Beslan Massacre"; in the second, he ranks out a robotic Marxist freak who asks a robotic Marxist question.

Finally, Snaps points out a video of Ward's appearance at the Philadelphia meeting in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal last week. It's over 2o minutes long, it's Ward's usual drivel, and the film is loaded sideways, so here's perhaps the one "interesting" quote:
Diallo didn't take anybody with him. 'Hey lemme me see your ID--bambambambambam--oh we thought the billfold he was pulling out was a gun.' No! You don't comply, you don't cooperate, you don't collaborate, you don't prevaricate, you don't rationalize. You see it clearly and you respond according to the set of circumstances presented to you, and Bobby Seale put that one real clear a long time ago, when he first came up with the no-knock rule that was used on his old lady who was perforated with 130 rounds of SWAT team ammunition. When common thugs kick in your doors in an armed and aggressive manner you blow their ass right back out the fuckin' door and see if they want to come in again!
No idea what he's talking about when he mentions the supposed lead poisoning of Bobby Seale's "old lady." He might be conflating Seale and Fred Hampton, whom he also mentions.

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