Sunday, December 03, 2006

Frontpage racist redux

My last post linked to an article at David Horowitz's Frontpage Magazine. A few months ago a French blogger noticed that one of Frontpage's longtime contributors, David Yeagley, a "Comanche patriot" and adjunct professor of something or other in Oklahoma, was a fulminating racist of the old school, both at Frontpage and on his own blog. Quote from a piece actually published by Frontpage (no link, but it's still there):

WHITE WOMEN ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, desirable creatures on earth, judging from the way dark men crave them.
It gets worse.

Somehow though, Yeagley's lurid bigotry got almost no attention in the blogosphere. I even mentioned it to a group of seven or eight bloggers, not all of whom were right-wing. Maybe it was the way I put it, but there was total silence and a quick move to another subject, as if some faux pas had been committed. Very strange, because whatever persuasion of blogger one is, it was a good story.

Pirate Ballerina (on whose blog I first read of Yeagley's rants) even e-mailed Frontpage about the Comanche Patriot's lapses of taste. Naturally he got no reply, but you had to figure somebody would notice, and that Yeagley would quietly be shelved.

Nope. After having nothing published there since August 21, almost exactly when the racist stuff came to light, Yeagley last month had a new piece up at Frontpage (no link).

Can't find it, but I remember hearing an interview with Horowitz during which, taxed with some other excrescence committed by his mag, he claimed he was on the road so much he rarely had a chance to read Frontpage--which is, of course, on the internets. He said this with what can be described only as a characteristic commie smirk in his voice--"it doesn't matter whether you believe me or not"--and for some reason the interviewer didn't follow up on the obvious lie. Horowitz must know about Yeagley. If he doesn't, it amounts to criminal negligence. If he does and still chooses to publish the guy, it's--well, duh.

My admiration for Horowitz reached its peak some years ago when I read Radical Son, a riveting and, I thought, honest repudiation of marxism and all its concomitants. Since then it's been straight downhill, to the point where Horowitz's (whether he reads it or not) Frontpage is less trustworthy than even a crap factory like WorldNet ("Don't call me a Little Entenmann")Daily.

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