Thursday, May 11, 2006

The world's best ever blogsitter

Boy, did the Drunkablog make out on this deal. Caz of the fine Avatar Briefs went way beyond the call of non-duty, keeping this leaky little blog afloat by providing--free, gratis, and for nothing--the super-high-level yucks, neat pictures, and thought-provoking, er, thinking, that I'd grown addicted to on her own blog.

Consider: In her first post Caz imitated the Drunkablog's schtick so perfectly (except she was, you know, funny) that he was rendered permanently superfluous; she informed you lamebrains of the benefits of direct transcranial stimulation, and sales of nine-volt batteries soared; she tested your knowledge of Australia, and you failed, miserably (D-blog freebie: part 2, question 4, the answer is "d."); she even, bless her heart, posted on Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple, pointing out quite entertainingly a certain doltishness in his recent behavior.

Now that's good guest-blogging.

There's no way I can properly thank Caz. I'd offer to return the favor and guest-blog for her, but she'd never be that crazy. Maybe I could offer to clean out her garage or something. All she'd have to do is cover my travel costs Denver to Melbourne. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Update: Uh-oh. I was afraid of this. As can be seen from the gratuitously provocative post below, Caz is attempting to foment revolution among D-blog readers (if any). Now for the suppressing and the crushing and the showwwww trials glavin!

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