Thursday, May 18, 2006

Faint neural sparking

Way #1130 to tell that you live in the biggish, baddish city: Somebody strolls by your house while apparently doing a little metalwork, and gets rid of the scrap by tossing it in your yard:

You, of course, quickly (and safely!) find the scrap with
your handy-dandy metal detector.

Yes, I should be blogging feverishly about Academician W. Churchill, but I'm still busy with real work like dodging metal projectiles and entertaining friends. Pirate Ballerina has it all covered anyway. Wasn't it sickening the other day how Michelle Malkin was all "Ooohhhhhh, I love you, Pirate Ballerina! Give me a kiss from your scurvy lips!" And Pirate Ballerina was all, "Ooooohhhh, I love you too Michelle Malkin, I want to marry you so I can kiss you all the time! Smooch smooch smooch!"

He thinks he's so cool.

Regular posting will resume sooner or later. Meanwhile, here's a double rainbow we saw the other night:

Anybody know: (a) why the colors of the outer 'bow are opposite the inner's (is the fainter rainbow just a mirror image of the first)?; or (b) why the sky is tri- (or even quad-) toned?

Update: RMN editorial writer Linda Seebach, who in her spare time enjoys listening to the mellow sounds of The Porch Ghouls, informs us (well, me) via e-mail that Google might possibly, just possibly, be able to answer my rainbow questions. She was probably being sarcastic.

Rubbing it in, she includes links to a couple of sites that do indeed explore rainbow-related phenomena. In double rainbows, it seems--well, I could explain so you'd really get it, but Ms. Seebach went to the trouble of googling, so I'll just use what she came up with.

My picture is better than theirs, anyway. See the line running from the lower right corner across all three sections of sky? What the frink is that?

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