Thursday, May 25, 2006

Money well spent

The Daily Camera reports:

The University of Colorado spent nearly $152,000 on its academic-misconduct investigation of tenured professor Ward Churchill, the school said Wednesday, and most of the money went toward attorney fees for the outside legal counsel hired to help faculty panel members.

Also, a sweeping review of the university's tenure policies is expected to cost CU up to $435,000. CU regents called for the review in February 2005 after the release of documents showing that Churchill earned tenure in 1991 without the typical six-year evaluation and probationary period.
Grumble all you want, it'd be cheap at twice the price--as long, of course, as the "sweeping review" (by the way, when does a review begin to sweep?) leads to sweeping changes. No I don't know what changes--how 'bout the kind that prevent the tenuring of dishonest ideologues like Churchill, for a start?

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