Tuesday, May 16, 2006

CU reports findings of Churchill committee

Got him.

"Allegation A: Misrepresentation of General Allotment Act of 1887
Allegation B: Misrepresentation of Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990
Allegation C: Captain John Smith and smallpox in New England, 1614-1618
Allegation D: Smallpox epidemic at Fort Clark and beyond, 1837-1840
Allegation E: Plagiarism of a pamphlet by the Dam the Dams group
Allegation F: Plagiarism of Professor Rebecca Robbins
Allegation G: Plagiarism of Professor Faye [sic] G. Cohen

"Based on its investigation of those allegations, the Committee unanimously found, by a preponderance of the evidence,that Professor Churchill committed several forms of academic misconduct as defined in the policy statements of the University of Colorado at Boulder. . . .

"1. Falsification, as discussed in Allegations A, B, C, and D.
2. Fabrication, as discussed in Allegations C and D.
3. Plagiarism, as discussed in Allegations E and G.
4. Failure to comply with established standards regarding author names on publications, as discussed most fully in allegation F but also in Allegations A, B, and D.
5. Serious deviation from accepted practices in reporting results from research, as discussed in Allegation D. . . .

"The Committee found that Professor Churchill's misconduct was deliberate and not a matter of an occasional careless error. The Committee found that similar patterns recurred throughout the essays it examined. The Committee therefore concluded that the degree of his misconduct was serious, but differed on the sanctions warranted."

Two of the five committee members voted to suspend Churchill without pay for two years; two voted for a five-year suspension; one voted for dismissal.

More soon, no doubt.

Update: PB has the full report.

Update II: The Rocky's story; the Post's.

Update III: Despite the gloat at the beginning of this post, Churchill is far from got. As the Post says, the "investigative committee's recommendations are not binding, and the decision on Churchill's future will be made by university officials later this year. Churchill has said if he is fired, he will file a lawsuit, and that process could take months or years"

He won't wait until he's fired to file suit.

The important thing is that an official inquiry found Churchill guilty of most everything he was charged with. That finding can't be taken back (though it may, of course, be overturned). Churchill cheated and he (finally) got caught. Whether he gets the two-year or five-year suspension, is fired, or returns to the classroom (unlikely), his "scholarship" is permanently besmirched, and ethnic studies types will cite him at their peril. That, to me, is enough.

Update IV: Via PB, the Wapo's story on the Churchill committee report.

Update V: "Besmirched?"

Update VI: KHOW's Caplis and Silverman have four (maybe even 11) fractured arms between them from patting themselves on the back for the committee report. As usual, they act as if they were, like, totally instrumental in the story. They did a few things which I can't think of at the moment, but Churchill would have been censured without their self-aggrandizing (and, occasionally, unforgivably soft) coverage. Guess I gotta listen to 'em today, though (don't cry for me, Argent, Rod).

Update VII: Boy, I'm nuts for saying that ruining Churchill's reputation (such as it was) is enough. It's not. Churchill committed plagiarism. He should be fired. Period.

Update VIII: Churchill Counterpunches (via (d'oh!) PB).

Update IX: C & S interviews Colorado governor (Bill? Bob? Borp?) Owens: Ward was convicted by a "jury of his peers." Good news for the university, credit to the regents, etc. "I don't think he's going to be suing any of us--"

Caplis: "Because he's guilty."

Update X: Video of CU's news conference.

Update XI: Jeez, 11 updates. That's gotta be a Drunkablog record.

Update XII: The tutued, peg-legged, one-eyed, be-parroted freak at Pirate Ballerina gets an arrrgh! of appreciation from Michelle Malkin for actually doing what Caplis and Silverman congratulate themselves for doing: "pushing the story forward."

Update XIII: Yes! Silverman with the gratuitous slam of that "illustrious institution," Churchill's alma mammy (and the D-blog's!), the sadly no-longer-extant Sangamon State University!

Update XIV: Left two comments over at the Colorado AIM blog asking when they were going to address the latest Chutcharama (ding-dong), but they haven't published either one. I've also poked a small pointed stick at Try-Works a time or two. I think they removed my first comment (at least, I couldn't find it), so let's see if the second remains. It's in the latest post from Wicked Witch. (Sorry, a link would violate the Faith of My Fathers, whatever that may have been.)

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