Sunday, May 07, 2006

Photographic Interlude

As we all know, Drunka has a
plethora – or pandemonium – of talents, one of which is photography. So, in Drunka’s honor, and for your viewing pleasure, the following photographs have been stolen from Harry, who, unwittingly, is our guest photographer in Drunka’s absence.

While the first photograph was taken in Sydney, at Rose Bay, late last year, the subsequent photographs were taken in New York, quite recently. Harry, rather conveniently, moved to New York a few weeks ago. I’m not suggesting this was planned to coincide with Drunka’s trip or anything, I’m just saying that it worked out rather well, for us, that’s all.


Man – At shops of Columbus Circle

Oh really?

Fifth Avenue

With apologies to Harry – pics come up much better on his blog.

You can see the pelicans better here. Yes, I like the pelicans, okay!


“World’s Best Ever Blogsitter”


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