Thursday, May 11, 2006

First Beefalo

Here's a batch (is four a batch?) of Buffalo River pictures. Yes it is I, the Drunkablog, who is making with the speak.

The river was angry that day, my friends: looking downstream from the put-in just below Ponca bridge. The river was running high that day too, and it got higher--before we even had our boats loaded it had started to rain, again.

Hello, hello, hello: The Drunkablog's fellow voyagers imitate him by wandering aimlessly and gaping at stuff (from left): The
ubiquitous "Mr. B"; that old Arkansas Traveler (by way of Maui and Grosse Pointe), "Bubba"; and the evil leader of these expeditions, "Mingus Eye."

A waterfall. (Well, duh.) With all the rain they were everywhere.

Vultures: This picture should be considered foreshadowing.

More later, obviously, along with various humorous stories about our struggle for survival on the Beefalo. You poor sods. For consolation, a link to the Stooges singing "Hello." No, not those Stooges.

Update: Full fawn tomorrow, so suffice it for the moment to say that our good Caz is clearly a better blogger than I are. Also funnier. And smarter. And (no doubt) better looking. That she deigned to post at this war crime of a blog was an honor I can only strive to merit.

Update II: Look, goddamnit, I said better looking.

Update III: Earlier Beefalo posts here and here. Probably in other places too.

Update IV, May 17: Howdy, Normatives!

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