Thursday, May 04, 2006

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

This is fantastic news, and you can try this at home folks!

Have you spent years using primitive methods for knocking sense into yourself?

Or have others frequently offered their kind assistance to help improve the workings of your neurons and synapse?

Well, no more!

Proven scientific help is finally at hand!

New Scientist magazine (15 April 2006) reports that applying a small electrical current to the head can have “a profound effect on the way your brain works”.

Some wires attached to your head and a 9 volt battery will “boost verbal and motor skills and to improve learning and memory in healthy people - making fully-functioning brains work even better.”

It’s also showing promise as a therapy for the lesser functioning.

The hope is to develop a device that can be taken home with patients and may be incorporated into a stylish hat. Or perhaps a facial adornment?

Now, doesn’t transcranial direct current stimulation sound so much safer than do it yourself quackery brain surgery?


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