Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The NDT quit showing up in my mailbox a while ago. I was going to sic the Drunkablog I-Team on it, because even though the newspaper's been "Serving Northwest Denver since 1934," I thought it might have gone out of business--and that would have been a good story (journalism is cold, baby).

But no, it's still publishing. And when I talked to editor Cliff Bautsch (via telephonic device) about not having received it for some months, he was perplexed. "You should tell your mailman it's not junk mail," he advised me.

My mailman is the glowering type, so that was out, but the paper resumed its bi-weekly arrival anyway. Let's see. There's

  • A front-page story on the North High School football team's criminally ratty gear. "Head football coach Paul Kelly holds up shoulder pads and says, 'These are the same pads we used when I played football here in 1979.'" Poor North. The second-worst high school (by graduation rate) in Denver--the worst will close after this school year. But it's quite beauteous.

  • A fascinating story on the Jewish grocery stores that lined Colfax Avenue at the turn of the (last) century. The Orthodox neighborhood is still there; one of its boundaries is Sloan's Lake. The author of the piece, Jeanne Abrams (or "Dr. Jeanne Abrams" as she's bylined--she has a Ph.D in history from CU) has written a couple of books, one of which is the oddly named but undoubtedly riveting Blazing the Tuberculosis Trail. Yippee aye oh ki haaaaaaaack.

  • Speaking of Sloan's Lake, here's another story: "Residents pull filth from Sloan's." Thanks, residents!

  • And finally, Crime Beat, the "column of crime analysis" the NDT runs as a "partner" with the Denver Po-lice.
    Sun Valley Neighborhood

    On May 5th at approximately 2:20 am in the 800-900 blocks of Federal Blvd. unknown suspects spray painted the exterior of several buildings. . . . Through great Police work and determination two male suspects were arrested and charged with Felony Criminal Mischief.
    Signed: Officer Melonhead

  • Update: While the Crime Beat item is real, there is no "Officer Melonhead" on the Denver police force.

    Update II: The Drunkablog has no idea if the above statement is true. There could be multiple Melonheads on the Denver police force. For all the Drunkablog knows, the force might have five heroic brothers, like the Fighting Sullivans, except that they're, you know, the Fighting Melonheads.

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