Monday, May 15, 2006

Friends visit; Churchill findings released this week?

No social butterfly, the Drunkablog since his heroic return from the river has been besieged by vacationing friends from Mason City whom he hasn't seen for (God help him the Drunkablog is old) 25 years or more. They all look fairly normal, which is a relief since it's awkward to have to ask an old friend how he or she acquired that mighty hump, those acid-burn scars, or that teardrop tattooed under one eye. And I say, wasn't your head a different shape when last we met?

The point, speaking of heads, is that blogging might be somewhat slow (and dull!) while said friends are out here this week.

But I hope like hell I'm not late to the Ward Churchill blogfront when the double super-secret findings of CU's Faculty Committee on Research Misconduct are made public. Pirate Ballerina, strangely, had all the facts and figures last week. It's not clear when the report will be
released--supposedly this week, but the university's spokesperson said perhaps May 23 or later.

Just for the heck of it, here's my guess: The Mandan will rise from their graves to nail Churchill, helped by the plucky anthropologist from Dalhousie. Churchill will be fired, sue (probably not in that order) and lose.

I may be wrong about all that, of course, but not about this: CU will not "find that the allegations were not warranted and that the university should take steps to repair Churchill's reputation," as the Rocky put it the other day.

But nobody cares what I think, including me. So I know! Let's ask Jim Paine! Do you dare, sir, to predict the results of the Churchill inquiry? How about your commenters? What are their guesses? I'd love to hear.

Update: That is, from anyone but former Paine commenter "Snapple," who has proved to the Drunkablog's satisfaction (when he's not taking his meds) that Churchill murdered Jon Benet Ramsey.

Update II: Paine comments and turns it over to his readers; Snapple asks to be taken seriously in a comment right here.

Update III: More PB: Churchill's wife quits CU; university committee may release its findings Tuesday.

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