Friday, October 28, 2005

Adventures in Adsense

Everybody's tryin' to stifle my creativity with their middle-class, white-bread hangups, man. Like this week? The squares at Adsense kicked me out of the program just because I clicked on my own ad.


But really, you'd think they'd be able to distinguish between five or six (maybe seven) curiosity clicks and wanton greed-clicking, wouldn't you? And what's the big deal, anyway? How much can five clicks be worth? No more than 20 or 30 bucks, right? Right?

Whaddaya mean it's based on traffic?

Lord of the grovel

Anyway, you should have seen my appeal. Masterly. Right away I admitted not only that I had eaten lead paint as a child, but that I still enjoy a bowl of chips in front of the television now and then. All this to cleverly imply, of course, that I'm too dumb to cheat.

And they fell for it.

One last thing. While I was fiddling with the Adsense code I noticed for the first time that the color scheme of this blog is called "Steely Gaze." Just the impression the Drunkablog tries to project. (Psycho-eyes remind you of anything?)

(Nazi poster from a Calvin College collection of photos)

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