Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A question

Look, fellows! Or rather, hey bloggers! As a semi-newbie at the sport, I have a question:

Do your friends like your blog? I mean, really like it, perhaps even so much as to actually, you know, read it?

And by "friends" I don't mean the pervs and weirdos who haunt your blog, but your flesh-and-blood friends--the pervs and weirdos you actually hang out with.

If they do like your blog, how do they express it? Are they vague ("Blog. Good.")? Do they offer suggestions? Do they give good comment?

Have any friends actually told you they don't like your blog? If so, aside from dismembering and disposing of the body, how did you take it?

My experience thus far, I have to admit, is that my closest friends, if not actively dislikeful of the Drunkablog, are, at best, neutral. Only one has read it with any regularity (and he hasn't for a while) and, while all of them show up occasionally, none seems inclined to become involved in the give and take, as it were. So I'm asking, what's it like for other bloggers?

Next week: And your family? What do they think of this strange obsession of yours? Do you even know?

Update: Check out Oz blogger Caz's thoughtful and funny--how do people do that?--take on friends, relatives and blogging, in the comments to this post.

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