Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sox win! Is this the end of JKatPfaP?

Yes. Baseball is done. The season is over, and it's almost November. Soon, it will be winter, with its cold, its loneliness, its despair. For the Drunkablog there is nothing left to live for except--the final episode of Jimmy Kirkland and the Plot for a Pennant!

McCarthy has won the pennant for the Bears, and it's time for reconciliations and happy endings all around. McCarthy has not yet admitted his love for Betty, but his friend Swanson, catcher of the Bears, is wise to him.

They were in bed with the lights out [sic] when Swanson said:

"Don't worry kid, I wouldn't have a girl no one else wanted."

"I don't see why I should be especially interested"

"Cut out the con stuff, Bo," laughed Swanson, relapsing into his old careless baseball phraseology. "You dope around like a chicken with the pip and look at her like a seasick guy seeing the Statue of Liberty and then think no one is onto you."

Sorry I crammed all the links at the end. If it's too much work, just don't click, okay? Jeez.

Oddly, it's the White Sox the author of JKatPfaP covered as a journalist, both when they last won the Series (1917, two years after he wrote JKatPfaP) and during the Black Sox scandal in 1919. Previous JKatPfaP posts may or may not explain further.

(Credits: Beatles pennant (it doesn't say "Die, Beatles," it says "The Beatles" in, like, German) from, which stupidly doesn't allow links; Female Convict cover (rowwwwr!) is from Kate's Library, which has some other neat covers and links to still more; and every other link is self-explanatory.)

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