Monday, October 10, 2005


Blogging makes you paranoid, thank God. Paranoia led the Drunkablog to figure out that the wonderful Dan Rather quote he has bannered the last couple of weeks is inaccurate. I've taken it down, so here it is as originally added:

"You know it isn't right to call...sleaze it up, dumb it down, 'tard it up, go for so-called soft news, when so know it isn't right.--Dan Rather."

Oh how I loved that quote. And it's accurate, in the sense that I correctly quoted a transcript (by Radioblogger) of Rather's instantly famous interview with Marvin Kalb. But Radioblogger himself was inaccurate in one word of that quote: Dan did not say "'tard." He said "tart," as in "tart it up."

So the Drunkablog was the one who was retarted (not 23 bucks worth, though) for not checking the quote. Even Algore was more accurate. Drunkablog so wanted to believe.

But here's the weird part: Radioblogger's transcript is gone, and links to it, including Hugh Hewitt's, now go to the Radioblogger main page. Why? Was it just, like, really off? I read the whole thing at the time, and it sounded like typical Rather to me. So what's the problem? For pity's sake, now I can't even prove I quoted Radioblogger accurately.

(But I did.)

Update: By far the funniest headline about the interview was Jim Geraghty's: "Rather: CBS won't let me find real killer."

Update II: Un-frickin'-believable. And why isn't it bigger news that Dan has turned an ugly shade of green? (via LGF)

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