Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dear Neighbor

Interesting flyer stuck in the door today:
My name is Ginger Wolf, and I am a student at CU in Boulder. I am writing to inform you that I, along with a group of film students from Montana State University, will be filming on your block at the end of this week: Friday, October 28th and Saturday, October 29th. We will do our very best to remain out of the way, and we have observed that your street is not very high-volume to begin with, so we do not anticipate any problems.

We would greatly appreciate your consideration of our efforts on these days, as we are on a tight budget and schedule. We will be filming on the West side of your street, and ask that all cars be removed from this side, and that you refrain from parking on the street as a whole if possible.

I can be reached at ---- if you have an urgent concern, or if you know of something that will affect our plans.
Interesting facts and figures:

  • Ginger should have printed her little flyer in English and Spanish; half the people who live along the street won't be able to read it.

  • They'll be filming right out front, so I probably picked the wrong week to dump the old Bendix out there, or the 1970 Gremlin, or to post my favorite political sign and my 40-foot banner advertising the Drunkablog. (It's like one of those billboards you see all over, a gigantic picture of the Drunkablog news team with some kind of slogan about trust or accuracy or whatever. I forget.)

  • Montana State University? Now we see what happens when we don't control our borders.

  • The Mayor's Office of Art, Culture and Fillum actually issued permits to Ginger et. al. I've got a call in to them, but you know how that goes. And I had to find the number all by myself like some kind of journalist because Ginger Wolf had it wrong in her flyer.)

  • This might be more fun than the parade that wandered by a few months ago.

    (Gremlin ad from; Bendix via the funny J-Walk Blog.)
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